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Biolectric Ireland Overview

History of Biolectric

We at Biolectric believe that our leading technology will help shape the future of farming, by producing sustainable energy that offers the possibility to match supply with demand without the need for energy storage. Biolectric was established in 2009 when the concept rst evolved, the rst installation was produced in 2011 and today there are over 120 installations spread across 10 countries in Europe with expansion into the Rep of Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK in 2016.

The mission of Biolectric is to support the growing population in a sustainable way by providing farmers with dedicated technology to become more competitive in a challenging economic environment.

how does bioelectric work


On a farm with 80 COWS the YEARLY CH4
EMISSION of manure is equal to the CO2 equivalent of 110 TON PER YEAR
(that’s about 110 cars on the road).


By placing a Biolectric biogas installation on your farm this waste and its CH4 EMISSION ARE CONVERTED INTO GREEN ENERGY AND HEAT. The residual manure can be used as fertiliser.


The Biolectric biogas installation pumps a fixed quantity of manure daily from the reactor to the digestate storage and replaces the discharged volume with fresh manure from the manure pit. This process is fully automated remotely with no labour requirement for the farmer.


Biogas is formed in the reactor through anaerobic fermentation. The gas is then purified and in the combustion engine it converts to green energy. THIS ENERGY CAN BE USED ON THE FARM IN THE FORM OF ELECTRICITY AND HEAT.


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