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Social Housing

The Demand for Social Housing in Ireland

Social Housing in Ireland is at crisis levels with 85,799 households on the social housing list and 9,104 people actually homeless.Combine this figure with a surging population which grew by 52,900 in 2017 and the social housing crisis is set to get worse before it gets better.

Government Action Plan

As Part of the Government’s action plan to help solve the crisis, the Government is offering to lease 10,000 residential properties from private investors over the next 3 years, offering 10-20 year leases under the Long Term Leasing Scheme.

Our Strategy – Together We Are Stronger

Our strategy is to combine the needs of pension investors with the needs of those most vulnerable in society through partnerships with Local Government & Approved Housing Bodies. Together we can deliver a plentiful supply of high standard energy efficient social housing units whilst at the same time providing a healthy investment return to facilitate the needs of pension investors.

Investment Opportunity for Investors

  1. Government backed leases on residential properties offering 10-20 year terms.
  2. Unique product unlike any other investment product in the market place.
  3. Income generating asset with strong yields and capital appreciation.
  4. Monthly payment of rental income direct to the investors bank account, underwritten by Irish government.
  5. No Tenant Management required, as all responsibility under the lease is with the Local Authority.
  6. No responsibility for internal maintenance/ repairs or refurbishment on the part of the Investor, for the duration of the lease.
  7. Rent review every 4 years.
  8. No requirement for the investor to register with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB).

Pension Investors

  1. No Income Tax on Rental Income.
  2. Capital Appreciation on property does not attract Capital Gains tax within a pension structure.
  3. No Personal Annual Tax Return required for the property.
  4. Income generating asset with capital growth potential.
  5. No requirement to liquidate asset at retirement – can be transferred “in-specie” to ARF/AMRF.
  6. Ideal Income vehicle for ARF’s as any drawdown of the rental income does not deplete capital when complying with imputed distribution rule.
  7. Net Yield strongly outperforms current annuity rates with the bonus of retaining the asset.
  8. Pension Fund has ability to borrow up to 50% of purchase price which increases the net investment yield.