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Renewable Energy

Investing in Renewable based energy production that provides a sustainable, renewable and clean source of energy, backed by Government legislation and incentives, including guaranteed payment to investors for up to 20 years gives a high level of security and returns that is incomparable in the investment world today.

Renewable energies are increasingly attractive for small, medium and large investors. The reasons are obvious: with government-led incentives the yields are attractive and predictable, long term cash stream is produced, and come with the technologies tested and warranted for up to 25 years.

Renewable energy is the future. Production of electricity from solar and wind, along with other renewable sources, is the key to providing the long-term energy requirements of the worlds expanding population.

Wind energy is one of the most significant renewable energy sources for electricity generation worldwide. Wind energy presents one of the most attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs because of its competitive costs and proven technology. Market studies reveal that wind, together with solar and bio fuels, will constitute one of the renewable energy technologies in which practically every significant country in the world will be investing over the next decade.

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